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Adding tournaments

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How to create a tournament

To create a tournament you will need to go to the 'Tournaments' list

  1. Click on the Create tournament button.
  2. Input all of the information needed and save the tournament.

Below you will find a table with the summary of the data you will need to specify. We have also put together detailed descriptions of important fields and settings you need to know about to ensure your tournaments work at their best for you, in the following sections below.

Element of form Description
Picture This is to make your tournament eye-catching, especially when it is on your union website, it will help schools to quickly realise what the tournament is.
Name We recommend that the name of the tournament contains these key elements - Union name, Sport type, gender, year of tournament / academic year ie. The Dales SSP U11 Girls Rugby Tournament 2019/2020
Sport The sport helps with the set up of the event, i.e - 'football' / 'Cross country tournament'
Start time This is the date and time of when the tournament will begin, please be aware when adding the start time that this is the earliest time you will be able to add an event.
End time This is the date and time of when the tournament will end, please be aware when adding the finish time this is the latest time you will be able to end the last event of the tournament.
Ages You can add multiple ages or just one. When adding multiple ages this will be different events for each age group, for example if you have U10 and U11 you will be able to add events for both age groups, however if you only want one event for multiple age groups simply select the eldest, for example with an U11 team schools will still have the option to add U10 students and younger if needed.
Show ages on website This is a check box so schools can see the ages
Gender Select one gender or both
Mixed teams available? Yes / No
Postcode Where the event is taking place
Type of Tournament Team / Individual - please ensure you select the right one as this will affect the set up of the tournament website.
Sub-type of tournament This will affect the way in which the scores are shown on the tournament website.
Show twitter feed on public site (individual tournament) Yes / No - please note a Twitter account will need to be integrated with your Union Squad in Touch account.
Scoring input here the scoring method based on number of goals / times
Price type Paid price type available for school union with payment enabled options - please let us know if this is something you would like to implement.
Payment type Only for paid price type
Cost Only for paid price type
Payment Accounts Only for paid price type
Entries open This is the date you would like the tournament to go live on your Union website as open for booking
Deadline for entries Booking on the Union website is closed
Or when spaces are full Only check this if you do not want a waiting list
Organisers Names of organisers
Organisers email Who you would like responses to notifications to be sent to - please note you can only input one email here
Tournament stream If there is a live stream link let us know here
Add Custom section The custom section will appear on the Union website, when the school clicks more information, you can add as many custom sections as you need. Each one has the ability to have downloadable documents added as well as images if needed. The date and time at the top of the box is indicative of the order the sections will appear in.
Add Governing Body Details about the governing body for the tournament

Once you have filled out the form you have then created the shell of your tournament, you can then move on to the internal aspects that will help with the running of your tournaments as detailed in the below sections.

Specific settings

Tournament picture

It is a good idea to add photos to your tournament to make them both eye catching and easier to find for school staff wanting to book on. We suggest you use the pictures with dimensions 1200px : 400px or 1500px : 500px.

Teams settings

Team settings determine age(s) and gender(s) of the tournament. When the schools participating in the tournament add their pupils to the team, this list of students eligible to be selected will be filtered by this criteria.

Date/Time and venue settings

Date / Time settings

When you change the date / time of an event all schools who have been added to the participants list of the tournament will receive a notification (via email and push notification) to elt them know that tournament details have been updated.

The start time of the tournament will determine the time the first event can start, likewise the finish time of the event will determine the time the last event of the tournament can end.


With regards to venues, you can add them to your favourites if you have any venues that aren't schools within your union - if you would like to add a venue you can do this one of two ways;

Adding venues

  1. You can create a tournament and in the 'Postcode' box, input your postcode and then click the star to the right, this will enable you to input the name of the venue and move the red pin on the map to your chosen location within that postal region
  2. If you go to the 'Venues' tab prior to adding a tournament you can add all of your regular venues here so you don't need to worry about them being there when you come to create a tournament.

Alternatively, if your tournament is taking place at on-site at one of your schools then you can simply input the school name into the postcode event, providing they are part of your union you will be able to select them.

Tournament types and sub-types

When you're completing your tournament you will come to the section that enables the accurate scoring and view type on your public website;

  • Team Tournament - This is for events that require team participation (e.g - Football)
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Sailing
    • Rugby
    • Netball
    • Badminton
  • Individual tournament - This tournament type is to be used when individuals are competing (e.g - Cross Country)
    • Athletics / Swimming
    • Junior Triathlon
    • National Triathlon
    • Cross-country
    • Cross-country National
    • Athletics / Swimming Regional
  • Singles - Double tournament - This is for events such as tennis, badminton
    • Badminton
    • Fencing
    • Tennis
  • Mini Team tournament - ?????
    • Badminton

Scoring settings

Team tournaments - With some tournaments there may be different points awarded based on the final score, for example; 5 points for first place, 2 for second, 1 for third for & 0 there after. If you have a scoring type then input it here. All points will be collected and entered into an overall table during the tournament.

Individual tournaments - With some tournaments there may be different points awarded based on the final score, for example; 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. If you have a scoring type then input it here. All points will be collected and entered into an overall table during the tournament.


Twitter feed

You can link a Twitter feed to the dedicated tournament website, this will mean any tweets you send will go to the public website, you can tweet scores live from the pitch and keep a constant feed rolling. If you would like to link your Twitter feed to a dedicated tournament website, then you will need to ensure that your Twitter account is linked to your Union;

Twitter integration

Go to your 'Console' > 'Integration' > Click on the cog and select that you would like to integrate with Twitter > Enter your log in details and you're good to go.

Organisers details

When an organisers email address is added, any responses to custom messages sent from the specific tournament will be sent to the email specified here. Please note, if you do not input an email address and send a custom notification, any responses to that email will go to a no reply inbox.

Custom notifications

When a notification is sent, you can specify which schools you would like it to be sent to, it will go to all admins on that school account, as well as the school users any Admins on the Union account will receive a copy of the message for their records.

Payment settings

If you would like to enable payments to be made by schools when they book onto your tournaments then please get in touch with the Squad in Touch team who will be able to discuss this in more information.

Booking settings

Tournament booking

There are two ways in which schools can book onto tournaments and this is based on the union preferences;

  • Booking via the union website - If a union places the tournament on the union website and makes it eligible for booking to book on this way. You can open the booking from the tournament creation form, you can set the date and time you would like booking to open and close. A tournament can be placed on the union website without being open for booking.
  • Booking via invite - If you send an invite to schools then they can book onto the tournament through their Squad in Touch school portal. You can send invites going to 'Eligible Schools' select your chosen schools, or all and then you will be able to send invites.

Team creation

When a school books on a team will automatically be created, if the ability to have multiple teams / age groups participate in the tournament then they will be with the presented to select the number of teams / age groups when booking onto the tournament. Based on these choices the correct amount of teams will be created, it is then up to the school to add their students to the team.

Booking period

Booking periods can be created, if you would like to close booking on the union website you can select a date that you would like to cease the ability for schools to book on, or alternatively you can make booking unavailable one the tournament is full (see the below section)

You can input a deadline date for bookings when you send an invite out to school, please note this is optional.

When spaces are full

If you turn on the switch for booking to close when spaces are full, then schools will not be able to book onto the waiting list.

Waiting lists

The waiting list is self management,

Live stream settings

screen from youtube

Results import settings

only basic description


Once you have created your tournament if you would like schools to book on then we fully recommend turning on 'Auto-enrollment'. You can find this by going to 'Tournaments' > choose your tournament and click 'Edit' > 'View' then go to the 'Auto-Enrollment- tab.

From here you can choose a number of things;

  • Auto-enrollment on - this will enable schools to be automatically added when they book on
  • School in read-only - This means that no school will be able to add / remove / amend their teams / students, we recommend leaving this off until no changes can be made by schools any longer due to event restrictions
  • Number of teams a school can bring - This enables you to limit each school to only bringing so many teams to the event
  • Number of teams available - You can limit the number of teams that can take part in the tournament, you can select this for each age group and gender if needed. Once the limit has been reached schools will then be placed on a waiting list.

Sending invites

There are two ways in which schools can book on, this is via your Squad in Touch public site of through an invitation which you can send. You can manage tournaments through the use of one or both methods. If you would like to send invites to all / specific schools then you can do so by going to 'Tournaments' > choose your tournament and click 'Edit' > 'View' and then you will be taken to 'Participants' from here select 'Send invites' and then choose your schools, or select all.

Once sent, schools will receive a notification (as long as their school settings enable them to) and they can then accept / reject your invite.

Public site settings

'Tournaments' > Choose your tournament > 'Edit' > 'View' > 'Public site settings'

Setting Name Description
Publish tournament on school union's website Yes - it will appear on the public website / No - it won't be on your public website
Highlight tournament The tournament tile will appear at the top of the tournament, we recommend you only have 3 - 5 tournament highlighted at any one time.
Tournament's public website access Disabled - The tournament won't have its own website / Enabled - The tournament will have its own website / Protected - The tournament website will be accessible via a password.
Allowed for following on the mobile app Parents, students and staff members can follow the progression of the tournament on their app
Tournament's public website domain name If you would like the tournament to have it's own website you will need to create a domain name;
Tournament's public website external link
Photos available on tournament's website Any photos added to the tournament can be put on the tournament website
Text of disclaimer on tournament's website Free type box for you to input your own text if needed.
Csv result availability Ability to download the results in a Excel document
Public Bigscreen Site Access Disabled - The tournament won't have its own big screen / Enabled - The tournament will have its own big screen / Protected - The tournament big screen will be accessible via a

Where can users find my tournament?

If they have booked on they will be able to find the tournament in their events calendar, or by going to 'Events' > 'tournaments' and it will be within that list.
Alternatively, they will be able to find information regarding the tournament from your Union public website or via their invites.