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Event invites management

Invitation settings

Your Squad in Touch account is automatically set up for you to accept invites to fixtures, however if you would like it to be that they are all auto-accepted then please let your Squad in Touch Support manager know.
With regards to receiving notifications when you get a new fixture invites, if you would like to manage your notifications preferences then go to app.squadintouch > Console > Notifications and you can turn this notification on / off.

Inviting other schools

With sending an invite to other schools it will only go based on two things;

  1. They have a Squad In Touch account
  2. Their school settings enable them to accept invites

If you create a fixture against a school who does not have a Squad in Touch account then they invite will automatically be accepted.

Managing incoming invitations

You can manage all of your invites by going to the 'Invites' tab from your Squad In Touch account, only your Admins and Managers can accept / reject these so please ensure the correct roles are provided to the relevant members of staff.

  • Accepting an invite

This will mean it is moved from your 'Inbox' to your 'Archive' with a status of Accepted and will also appear on your calendar so you are able to manage the fixture - add teams, edit information, add further details

  • Declining an invite

This will mean it is moved from your 'Inbox' to your 'Archive' with a status of Declined, it won't appear on your calendar.

Outdated invitations

Outdated invitations will be removed from your invite inbox however they will still appear in the Invite Archives.