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Event management

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Who can create events/fixtures

Users with the following roles can create events/fixtures:

  • School Admin
  • School manager
  • Teacher

Creating an event/fixture

Basic details

To create an event/fixture you will need to follow the below steps, please note this can only be done from the website - app.squaidntouch; You cannot create a new event/fixture from the mobile app.

  1. Firstly you will need to go to your events calendar and click on the Add event button. By default the current date will be selected but if you choose another date on the calendar and then click the Add event button that date will be specified on the fixture form.
  2. The fixture form will be created for a chosen date. By default start time will be set as 10:00 and the default length of the fixture is 1 hour although you can change these attributes.
  3. Select a sport in the relevant field. Please note that a limited number of sports will be available for selection. These are sports marked as favourite in your school settings. To be able to select from the full list of sports you need to turn on the Show all sports checkbox.
  4. Tick a gender a fixture is created for. If this is a mixed event tick both Boys and Girls. Please note that you cannot change this selection later and if you need, for example, to make a Boys fixture to be a Mixed one, you will have to recreate the fixture and add children once again.
  5. Add age groups a fixture is created for. You can leave this field blank; students of all year groups will then be available for selection. You can also change this selection adding / removing age groups from the fixture.
  6. Select a game type. The platform supports the following event types:
  • Inter-school - a default value, this is an event when you need to add opposing school(s) to;
  • Houses - this is an inter-houses event;
  • Internal - an event that involves two or more of your school teams.

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Age groups displaying

Creating an Inter-school fixture

When you are creating an inter-school game you need to specify the opposing school(s) for this fixture. The number of schools you can add to the fixture depends on the sport settings. Normally a team game (ie football, rounders, rugby, hockey, etc.) allows only one opponent so that you can add a correct score to the game. Although you can select a (mt) or (t) type of sport (like Football (mt) etc.), that will allow you to add multiple opponents to the game. This can be helpful if you are taking part in some tournament that is not supported by Squad in Touch and aren't aware about the draw, order to play etc. You can just put places when closing such an event so that your school team will show Place N out of M as a result. To learn more about sport types and mini-tournaments please refer to the relevant section of this help.
When searching an opponent you can limit

  1. Then fill out the form, ensure that the age, gender of the event matches the students who will be playing exactly to ensure you can select them for your team.
  2. If you are unsure of the venue then please select TBD, you can select any venue you have input into the system already, or simply add a postcode which you can add to your favourites if you choose by clicking the 'star' which will then name the venue.
  3. Once you have filled out the form click continue which will take you to the team sheet selection
  4. You can now either;
    1. Click on the select team later button, which will enable you to continue without selecting students
    2. Click on the 'Select team' button which will pull up your precreated teams matching that criteria
    3. Select students from the right and using the arrows at the bottom, you can select multiple students, or search student names at the top of the box.
  5. Click save and then you will be taken to your team sheet.

You have then created your fixture, if any parents / students have accounts they will receive a notification to let them know that a fixture has been created.

Who can view events/fixtures

  • School Admin - all events/fixtures without limitations
  • School Manager - all events/fixtures without limitations
  • Teacher - events/fixtures available for viewing depend upon the access settings your school has chosen for teachers. Based on the settings they can either view all events/fixtures or just events/fixtures they have been linked to
  • Coach - events/fixtures available for viewing depend upon the access settings your school has chosen for coaches. Based on the settings they can either view all events/fixtures for their sports only or all the events they have been linked to irrespective of the sports they are linked to
  • Parents
  • Students

Public website & Big screen

If a user would like to view all fixtures, in a limited capacity, then they can do so via your schools public website. A link for this can be found by going to app.squadintouch > School and you will see it in the box along with your bigscreen link.
The public website will contain all scores, up coming events and any news / photos you decide to upload. You can see all information surrounding how to do this in a separate guide LINK TO OTHER GUIDE.