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FAQ's for schools on a tournament account

Where can I find the tournaments to book onto?

You can either find tournaments on your union's Squad in Touch account, or in your Invites section of your Squad in Touch account if your union has sent you invites.

Why can't I find a students to add to the tournament team?

This could be for a number of reasons;

  • You haven't added your students to Squad in Touch yet
  • You have added students but they are in the wrong year group

Why does it say 'Limit exceeded' when I am trying to add a team?

It may be that there is a limit to the number of teams a school can have within the tournament, if there is then you will need to add students to the current team you have in the tournament.

Do I need to add my team members to team tournament events - like football / hockey / etc.?

No, you will only need to add your team members into the team, they will then be added to the relevant events automatically.

There are no students to add to the event in the individual tournament, where are they?

Prior to adding students to events you will need to ensure you have added them to your tournament team.

What roles are available for school staff?

If you are on a tournament account then you can sign up as an admin, this is the only account option available.

If you are on a full subscription account then there are multiple role options available;

  • Admin - this role provides full access to the Squad in Touch, enabling you to manage all background settings, fixtures and events and clubs
  • Manager - this role provides full access to the Squad in Touch, enabling you to manage majority background settings, fixtures and clubs
  • Teacher - Limited access for creating and managing fixtures and clubs
  • Coach - Limited access for managing fixtures and clubs