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FAQ's for tournament organisers

Do the schools within my union need a Squad in Touch account?

In order to book onto tournaments they will need an account, there are two types of accounts schools can have which will enable them to book onto your union tournaments, these are;

  1. A free tournament account which enables them to book onto tournaments and manage their teams
  2. A Sports account which is a paid subscription and enables them to not only manage all their tournaments but also their internal fixtures.

How many tournament organisers can I have within my Union?

You can have as many tournament organisers on your account as you need, we suggest that anyone who organises tournaments within your union has an admin role to enable them to create and monitor tournaments.

Is it better to send an event invite or for schools to book on via the Squad in Touch union website?

It is completely up to you which method you prefer, you can even do both, please see below the positives of each method;

  • Sending a tournament invite;
    • Schools to view all the tournaments related to them in one please
    • Quick and easy one click booking
    • Send to selected schools
  • Booking on via the website;
    • Schools can view all tournaments from one place
    • One touch booking
    • View all additional event information

Who can I send custom tournament notifications to?

You can send push and/or email notifications to any school with a Squad in Touch account, when you are selecting who to send a notification to you can select from one of the following options;

  1. Tournament participants
  2. Schools on the tournament waiting list
  3. All schools
  4. Choose specific schools

When do schools get notifications regarding tournaments?

The notifications are dependent on what you have turned on / off in your account settings, the options include;

  • Tournament details updated
  • School added to tournament participants
  • School added to tournament waiting list
  • School removed from tournament
  • Tournament custom notification
  • Confirmation request has been created