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Getting availability reports

Tracking availability reports

Availability reports enable you to see who can / cannot take part in a fixture without the need for you sending a consent request.
You can monitor who has sent one in two ways;

  1. From your 'Messages' tab and viewing if you have received any from there, once you click the Got it' button it will be moved from your messages Inbox into your Archives.
  2. From within the fixture page, if anyone has sent you an availability report there will be an 'N/A report' tab at the bottom. this tab will only appear if a user has sent an availability report.

Who can send them?

Parents and/or student users can send availability reports, they don't need to be prompted by staff they can just send them if / when they decide to.
If you would like to manage who can send them, we do advise to have either parents or students however you can have both if you want to, go to app.squadintouch > 'Console' > 'Moderation'.

How do users send them?

Users can send them either via the app, by clicking into the fixture and using the three dots in the top right corner, or they can send them using the 'Actions' button > 'Report Availability'.