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Parents app


The parental app can allow you to do a number of aspects that will help with your chil(ren)s fixture and club / activity management. Please see below everything you can do with the app:

Calendar view

From your calendar within your app you can view all upcoming events and clubs for your child(ren) it is completely personalised with their events. There are two view types for your calendar:

Option one is to view in a list format, this is the automatic set up of your calendar view. The second option is to view as a calendar with all days of the month shown, you can change to this view type using the button in the top right corner of your calendar screen.

Manage event permission slips and club bookings

You can manage any incoming permission request forms from your child's school, you just simply go to the menu (three lines in the top left corner of your app) and then click on the 'messages' section, anything requiring attention will appear here.

If you are happy to provide permission for your child to take part in a fixture then you can confirm it here, in some circumstances there may be additional questions from your school that need answering. These will pop up automatically when you click confirm. If your child can't take part just decline the request.

Alternatively, you can respond to consent requests from within the fixture, go to your chosen fixture, and click on the 'Connect' section then go to the 'consent' tab, any pending or past consent requests will be shown here.

Booking forms for clubs can be found in the same place, like with permission slips you can choose to accept or decline a booking and additional questions may be asked. Club bookings can be taken until the closing date, however you may be placed on a waiting list if there is a limit, it is up to the school to manage the waiting list. Also, if your school settings allow you are able to select priorities of club, i.e:

  1. Drama Club
  2. Music Club
  3. Choir

View past invites / bookings

If you would like to view participation requests or booking forms that you have already responded to, regardless of whether you accepted or declined, you can find these in the 'Archives' section of the invites tab.

Student jobs

You are able to see student jobs that your child may have been included in. To do this go to the fixture, click on the 'Details' section and then select the 'Jobs' tab and you will be able to see all jobs there.

Match reports

You can see a match report from the event, to do this go to the fixture, click on the 'Details' section and then select the 'Match Report' tab.


Scores can be input by school staff either from the pitch or after then event, you can see scores when you click into the fixture, as long as they have been added.

Club registers

You will be able to view the register once it has been marked in Squad in Touch, so you will be able to see if your child(ren) was present or absent. You can view this by clicking into the chosen weeks club from your Squad in Touch app.

Add a comment to an event

Add comments that users who are involved in the fixture as well as school staff can see - please note users will not get a notification that a comment has been added. To do this go into the fixture and click on 'Connect' this will then pull up the live chat page which you can enter comments in and view any comments from other users. Also, it should be noted that this feature is only available if the school has enabled for users with a parent / student account to add comments.

Send availability report

You can send availability reports for a fixture without any prompting to let the school know if your child(ren) is able to attend or not, please note your schools settings need to enable this feature. To send an availability report go into the fixture and click on 'Connect' and click on the 'reports' tab.

Add photos to events

If you go to your chosen fixture and click on the 'Gallery' section you are able to add photos, you can either take a live action photo or choose one from your camera library. This feature is only available if the school has enabled for users with a parent / student account to add photos. All of your photos will be uploaded as private meaning only yourself and school staff can view them, if staff choose they can change this setting.