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Running a team tournament

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Once you have created your tournament if you would like schools to book on then we fully recommend turning on 'Auto-enrollment'. You can find this by going to 'Tournaments' > choose your tournament and click 'Edit' > 'View' then go to the 'Auto-Enrollment- tab. From here you can choose a number of things; Auto-enrollment on - this will enable schools to be automatically added when they book on School in read-only - This means that no school will be able to add / remove / amend their teams / students, we recommend leaving this off until no changes can be made by schools any longer due to event restrictions Number of teams a school can bring - This enables you to limit each school to only bringing so many teams to the event Number of teams available - You can limit the number of teams that can take part in the tournament, you can select this for each age group and gender if needed. Once the limit has been reached schools will then be placed on a waiting list.

Participants and Teams

Enrollment log

The enrollment log can be found via, from here you can see which users booked onto tournaments - added / removed schools from tournaments - as well as any comments which have been added.

Send notifications

If you would like to send a notification to schools then you can do this one of two ways;

  •; go to 'Tournaments'
  •; so by going to your chosen tournament, selecting 'View' and then 'Send notifications'

All notifications will be sent via email and push notification - they will go to school admins and managers on the schools account, any attachments that you add will only be sent via email.

What notifications are sent to schools?



Creating Groups and adding teams to groups

Creating events

Scoring events