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School settings


Squad in Touch is a unique platform allowing you to start managing your school activities and communications in minutes. Once you have signed up and requested access for your school the system will check if you are the first user for your chosen school. If you are then it automatically creates a workspace for you so that you can start playing around immediately.

Initial settings

During an onboarding process, you will be asked to fill out the sign-up form so that we can set up your account in the best way to match your needs. If you then need any settings to be changed or your subscription updated you can always get in touch with our support team and we will be more than happy to help you.

Settings that we will manage for your school on our side include:

  • System roles settings - these settings determine which roles users can sign up for within your school account. Members of your school staff can be granted Admin/Manager/Teacher/Coach role based on their responsibilities. An ability for Parents/Guardians to send role requests to your school is also enabled by default, once your school has been activated. An ability for students to have a personal account is disabled by default but it can be added at your request. You can find out more about system roles via [link]
  • Parents/Guardians registration settings - we can set up a registration form for Parents/Guardians requesting access to their children's accounts so that it makes the process easier for both parents as well as the school. The form can include any of the below fields;
    • Name, surname;
    • Registration form
    • House
    • DOB
    • Gender

Whilst your school users have tools for accepting user requests they can be set up to be accepted automatically. When MIS integration is included in your subscription you may choose your parents to be automatically accepted based on:

  1. email address
  2. phone number
  3. email address + phone number

Parents can also be accepted automatically based on a pupil's unique code, assigned by your school or by Squad in Touch on a school's request.

  • Event invitations accept mode - these settings determine how you manage invitations from other schools and tournament organisers. When both are set to manual mode you will be able to manage incoming invitations as they come in either accepting them or declining. We can also set for them to be automatically accepted so that events you have been added to by other schools and tournament organisers just appear on your calendar.
  • Clubs/activities booking settings - these settings specify who clubs/activities booking forms are sent to (you can select between parents or students) and also if you would like Club priorityNew! to be available when users book onto the clubs/activities. You can learn more about Clubs/Activities booking in the relevant section of this help guide.
  • Additional settings:
    • Age groups - you can select how you would like your year groups to be displayed across the platform. Options available include: English (Reception - Year 13), Scottish (P1 - S6), US (Pre-kindergarten - 12th Grade) or U5 - U18 notation.
    • Student name display type - you can select how you would like your students to be displayed on the public website and to team members along with their parents, within an event form. This can either be set up as Forename and the first letter of Surname or initials only. In both cases, only school staff will be able to see full names of the students across the platform.
    • Teachers/Coaches view modeNew! - you can select how your school users with Teacher/Coach role can see events on the platform. You can select between allowing them to see all of the events or just events they have been linked to.
    • Default photo permissionsNew! - you can select if you would like all photos added to an event by school staff, parents and pupils to be visible to all the team or remain private unless a school staff member changes its permissions.
    • Email footer - this is a text/caption that is automatically added to all email notifications sent to your users.
    • Student overlaps - If they are enabled you will be able to see if a pupil has already been involved in another activity at the time of an event you are creating. It works on a traffic light system;
      • Red - Involved in an event at the time of the one you're creating
      • Amber - Involved in an event within an hour either side of the one you're creating
      • Green - Available

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General school settings

For managing your schools general settings go to School - Summary and click the edit button.
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The settings you can specify in this section are described below:

  • Your school address and contact details - Whilst your schools full address and phone numbers are not mandatory, the postcode field cannot be left empty. It determines your school's default home venue and also allows other schools to search for your school by distance when inviting opponents to participate within an event;
  • Your school description - this description goes onto the public website and enables search engines to make it available when people are searching for your sports website on the internet.
  • Domain - a unique name your school has across the Squad In Touch platform, it determines the web-address for your public website and big screen. The Squad In Touch team normally assign it once you have signed up, we aim to make your domain name match your main school website name as closely possible. You can change it any time, although in such a case you will need to ensure you have let your community know that it has changed.

Your public website and big screen addresses are composed as shown below:
where yourdomainname is shown this is where your schools unique domain name will appear.

  • Public site access - to go live your public website needs to be set to "Enabled"
  • Public site twitter - to add your Twitter feed onto your public website you need to select "Enabled". Your twitter feed will be added onto your website, provided you have set up integration with your Twitter account; you can find out more in the #Integration section
  • Public big screen site access - to go live your public big screen needs to be set to "Enabled".
  • Student name displaying type - you can select how you would like your students to be displayed on the public website and to other members of the team and their parents within an event form. This can be either set up as Forename and the first letter of the Surname or initials only. In both cases, only school staff will be able to see the full names of the students across the platform.

School gallery

The School gallery allows you to add pictures that will go onto your public website. Recommended picture size is 1500 x 500 px.
By default your public website will show a number of generic pictures although once you have added a first photo generic pictures will disappear and your own photos will be shown.
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Adding a picture

To add a picture; you will need to go to School > Gallery and add your photos here. Alternatively, if you would like our Graphic team to add them for you and make them fit your public site then please feel free to send them to your Squad In Touch Support Manager.

Removing a picture

To remove a picture; you will need to go to School > Gallery, select the photo you would like to remove, then click the Delete icon.

Using an anonymous icon

You can use an anonymous icon; This is an emoji icon that enables you to cover a students identity, thus enabling you to include photos on your website of students who do not have photo permissions.

Public website

Your public website will be created when you sign up for a full subscription, it will contain generic images until you decide for them to be changed to more personal images that suit your school. Please note, if you don't want to add photos with students on, you can add photos of your school, sports equipment or any other aspects of your school without students.

As part of the public site settings you have the option for it to be either;

  • Enabled - open for public access
  • Protected - Access can only be granted via the use of a password
  • Disabled - The website is not available

On your public website it will show; Your fixtures calendar (please note that only students first name and first letter of surname, or initials are shown, based on your internal settings), Photos, News, Upcoming events and fixture details.
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Big screen

The big screen functionality enables you to show off your fantastic sporting achievements, upcoming events and any photos anywhere within your school that you have a big screen. Simply pop the link in and you can show a slideshow anywhere in the school.
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School news

The school news tab enables you to post all your exciting school information that you would like people to know about, from new records to charity events pop in information and add a photo that represents the news item, this will then be featured on your Public Website.

Notification settings

You can access the notification settings via Console > Notifications; from here you can select which notifications you would like to be sent, please see the Squad in Touch core features guide for further information about what each of the notification switches does.
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Venues are needed in order to add fixtures, clubs and activities. When adding a fixture you will be provided with the option to have it at your school, or at the opposition school automatically, however, you can add further choices to the list. If you would like to add other venues or specific locations within your school (i.e Sports Hall, Y5 Classroom, IT suit) you can do this one of two ways;

  1. > User Console > Venues > Actions > Add venue
  2. > console > Venues > Add venue

When adding a venue you will be able to move the pin on the map to a more specific location and you can select if it is a home venue or not.
If you are creating a fixture and are unsure of where it will take place then please select TBD (To Be Decided) from the venue list.


Integration enables you to integrate with;

  • Twitter; If you integrate with Twitter then you will be able to add your Twitter feed to your public website, if you decide to, and you can tweet results live from the pitch right from your Squad in Touch app.
  • Calendars; Please note calendar integration only works one way, anything you put into SiT will appear within your integrated calendar, not vise versa. Any changes you make within SiT will automatically update the events within your calendar, see calendar types we can integrate with below;
    • Outlook; You can integrate with a whole Outlook calendar, or choose to have individual calendars within one Outlook calendar integrated with your account.
    • Google Calendar; You can integrate with a whole Google calendar, or choose to have individual calendars within one Google calendar integrated with your account.

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Managing templates

Squad In Touch allows you to send specific questions to parents regarding a club / activity / trip or fixture. Send a consent request and choose which questions are needed; do you need to know how a student is getting home, or about additional needs ask them here and choose from different answer types.

The Templates option relates to consent requests and which additional questions you would like to provide the option to send to parents for, and the 'Clubs' template allows you to manage the question options for any booking forms you / your staff are going to send out. All questions you can manage when sending the relevant form and you can turn the questions on or off based on your preferences.

Answer types - When creating the templates you will have a number of options for the type of answer you would like;

  • String - Free type answer
  • Boolean - Yes / No answer
  • Number - the parents/students will be able to select a number when responding
  • Enum - select from a list of your chosen options

You are able to select if you would like an answer to the question to be a requirement or not. Any responses to consent requests for fixtures will appear within the fixture form and any responses to booking forms will appear in the invites section of

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