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Student data


Student data can be managed on your Squad In Touch account by either Admins or Managers, if you have MIS integration as part of your subscription you won't need to update details as this will be done automatically the night following your MIS data is updated.

Student details

Below is a list of details that you can / will need to put on your Squad In Touch account;

  • First Name - Required, please note if you would like to add other identifiable names for students you can do this
  • Surname - Required, please note you can either just add first letter of surname or other identifiable names if you prefer
  • Gender - Required
  • Year Group - Required
  • Form Group - Optional
  • House - Optional
  • Date of Birth - Optional
  • Medical information - Optional, we recommend that this data is coded
  • Emergency contact details - Optional, if you would like parents to be auto-accepted based on this information you will need to provide it
  • Pupil Premium / SEN - Optional

You can access student lists via Users > Students tab. The list allows for filtering records by the chosen criteria. You can activate the filter by clicking the caption button. Filtering/Searching is available by:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Form
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Date of birth interval
  • Tags

Once the filtering criteria has been applied (the Apply filter button) the records will be filtered based on them. To remove the filter click the Clear filter button. Please note if you select people based on your filter, then your re-filter, the users you have selected will be refreshed.
If your school has General messages included in your subscription you will be using the same list when sending messages to parents and/or students. Using filtering/searching options you will be able to send messages to selected users or groups.

To edit student's details you will need to select them on the list and then click the Edit button.


If you have MIS integration included in your subscription it is strongly recommended that you don't change any of the student's details manually. All the changes done on your MIS will be applied automatically to the data on Squad in Touch during the next synchronisation period.

Year groups, Reg form and Houses

It is important to have year groups on the system so that you can add students to events that relate to their specific age (and gender), if you add form groups then this will enable you to have further filtering opportunities.
Houses are great to input if you do house events / fixtures within your school, please note this is not a necessity.

You can access the list of forms and houses via School > Forms and School > Houses tabs.


If you have MIS integration included in your subscription it is strongly recommended that you don't add, remove or change any forms or houses details. All the changes done on your MIS will be applied automatically to the data on Squad in Touch during the next synchronisation. You can still change the house colours if they have any though.

MIS integration

MIS integrations enables your system to be kept up to date with all the latest changes to your data. Please get in touch if this is something you would like to add on to your subscription.

If you have the General Messaging platform we highly recommend that you opt to have MIS integration as this will enable you to keep your whole school network up to date from one platform.

Keeping your student details up to date

If you haven't got MIS integration, then you can keep your students up to date via the 'Schools' tab, you can use a filter system to search for specific students or you can change whole form group names / year groups by going to the 'Forms' tab and editing the form.
Our support team can move all your students up once a year, this will incur a small additional charge included in your subscription (The first move up is done by our support team for free).
If you would like to move your students up yourself you can do it via changing year groups your registration forms are linked to. We recommend you start with the oldest forms, for example if you are moving your students up in Summer 2020:

  • all Y13 forms > to be renamed Y13 - Leavers 2020
  • all Y12 forms > to be linked to Y13
  • all Y11 forms > to be linked to Y12
  • etc.

You will then need to add newcomers and remove the leavers manually. If the form names have changed you may also need to change them and re-allocate pupils to the correct forms.