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Tournament website

Creating your Tournament Public website

Ensure that your public website for this specific tournament has been enabled. If you also ensure that it is enabled on the union public website then schools will be able to find the tournament from here. in, you will then need to go to 'Edit' > 'View' > 'Public site settings' and from here you will be able to ensure that it is on the website.

Setting Name Description
Publish tournament on school union's website Yes - it will appear on the public website / No - it won't be on your public website
Highlight tournament The tournament tile will appear at the top of the tournament, we recommend you only have 3 - 5 tournament highlighted at any one time.
Tournament's public website access Disabled - The tournament won't have its own website / Enabled - The tournament will have its own website / Protected - The tournament website will be accessible via a password.
Allowed for following on the mobile app Parents, students and staff members can follow the progression of the tournament on their app
Tournament's public website domain name If you would like the tournament to have it's own website you will need to create a domain name;
Tournament's public website external link
Photos available on tournament's website Any photos added to the tournament can be put on the tournament website
Text of disclaimer on tournament's website Free type box for you to input your own text if needed.
Csv result availability Ability to download the results in a Excel document
Public Bigscreen Site Access Disabled - The tournament won't have its own big screen / Enabled - The tournament will have its own big screen / Protected - The tournament big screen will be accessible via a

Cover photo

The cover photo will be the image that you added when creating / editing your tournament > chosen tournament > Edit > Edit > add photo here.


When you are entering the results of your tournament the public website will automatically be updated. A winners table will be created to show which students / teams placed where. Also you can view a league table on the public website.


Once you come to the finals of the event then the scores will reflect that you have added a final and create a finalists table on the public website



The schools involved within the tournament will be shown at the bottom of the tournament website, schools can search for themselves here and then view their own individual results.