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Updates and cancellations

Amending date, time and venue

If you would like to edit these details then you can do so by clicking into the fixture and clicking on the edit pencil to the right of the fixture name. If you edit the date / time / venue then all users involved within the fixture will receive a notifications.

Changing an opponent

If you decide that you would like to change the opponent school then you can only do this if the school have not yet accepted your invite to the fixture. If your invite has been accepted you will need to cancel or delete the event and then recreate it.
However, if you have not had your invite accepted yet then you can click the edit pencil next to your opposition schools name and choose the school you will be playing against in their place.

Cancelling an event

If you cancel an event then it will stay in your event calendar, however will be greyed out, in conjunction with this if you delete an event then it will no longer appear in your calendar.
If you cancel / delete an event then when doing so a notification will go to everyone involved in the fixture, you will also have a pop up box appear that will enable you to input a cancellation reason.
To cancel the event go to the 'Actions' button within the fixture and select either 'Cancel event' or 'Delete event'

Updates and cancellations notifications

Notifications will go to all users who have a Squad in Touch account provided they are involved within the fixture;

  • Staff need to be tagged as a member of staff or coach within the specific fixture - scroll down and click on the 'Details' tab to add them
  • Students in the team sheet
  • Parents of students within the team sheet

Notifications will go when you update details or delete / cancel the event, if you would like to manage your notifications you can do so via app.squadintouch > 'Console' > 'Notifications'