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User accounts and access management

Account types

There re a number of different account types that users can be granted access with, these enable you to set permissions based on their role within the school.

Staff accounts

Staff member accounts and access rights include;

  • Admin - This role is the one with the most access, we recommend giving this to senior members of staff, also we recommend at least one member of staff within the PE department has this role to ensure the system is working as you need it to be.
  • Manager - This role is the next down from Admin, they can do everything an admin can accept a few background settings.
  • Teacher - the teacher accounts can work in three different ways, please let your Squad in Touch support manager know which of the three you would prefer;
    • Add, manage and view all events on the calendar;
    • Add, manage and view all events surrounding a certain sports
    • Manage and view only events they have been tagged in
  • Coach - coach roles can work in one of two ways, please let your Squad in Touch support manager know which of the three you would prefer;
    • Manage and view all events surrounding a certain sports;
    • Manage and view only events they have been tagged in.

In the below table you can see the aspects that each staff role can perform;

Action Further details Admin Manager Teacher coach
Manage the details of your schools account School Description; school email addresses; school phone numbers; School address; Restricted view type of students names; Public website and Big screen settings - including Domain name Yes - - -
Manage the background settings of the account Accept and reject new requests from users; Moderate what parental and student users can / can't do - Add photos and comments, send availability reports; Add and remove venues; Integrate with calendars and Twitter; add template questions for consent requests and club booking forms; Manage favourite sports Yes Yes - but not for Admin users - -
Accept invites from opposing schools - Yes Yes - -
Manage student details add / remove students from your account; Change students details - Name, DOB, Emergency contact details, Year group. Yes Yes - -
Create and manage events Add event information; Add team sheets; edit times, date, venue; send consent requests; view responses; view availability reports; view emergency contact information; Print team sheets; Add details ; assign jobs; score events Yes Yes Yes Only for sports they are linked to - if any.

Parental access

Parents can only view events their child(ren) has been added to from their account, they can accept / decline consent requests and book onto clubs.
If your schools settings allow, parents can also add photos and comments to events their child(ren) is involved in and send availability reports.

Student access

Students can view events they're involved in, from their account. If your schools settings allow, parents can also add photos and comments to events their child(ren) is involved in and send availability reports.

Managing user requests

Users will sign up for their own account, the only time this is not the case is if you decide for Student accounts to be created by Squad in Touch. When a user signs up they will send a role request to your school, you then have two options;

  1. You can manage user requests yourself from ap..squadintouch > 'Console' > 'New Requests' accepting / rejecting them based on their credentials - Name, phone number, email address and any of their child's details you would like them to provide - if they're a parent user.
  2. We can arrange for auto-accepting to be enabled based on students emergency contact information or unique codes and, if you wish, staff information.

Auto-accepting settings

As briefly mentioned above, you can have parental accounts automatically accepted and linked to their child(ren), there are options for the criteria that they will be accepted on which you can choose from;

  • Auto-accept based on contact details;
    • Parents can be accepted based on the emergency contact details provided to Squad in Touch, either provide permission for us to integrate with your MIS or on the password protected document you send over. When parents are accepted on their emergency contact details the system ensures that their name, email address and phone number match your school data.
    • Students can e accepted based on their email address if you would like, please note student email address will need to be provided to Squad in Touch.
  • Auto-accept based on a unique code - If students have a unique code e.g admission code, you can provide this to Squad in Touch and we will allow parents and students to input a code when signing up, if their code matches that assigned to a student then they will be accepted and linked. If you do not have a code already in place for each student then you can either generate one yourself or we can generate one for you to pass onto your students and parents.

Note; students can be set up by Squad in Touch if your school chooses you will just need to send through their email addresses to us and we can set them up for students to then activate themselves.

Granting additional permissions

As an Admin / Manager on the schools account you can manage users request and provide them with additional or alternative roles. You can do this by going to app.squadintouch > 'Console' > 'Users & Permissions' From here you can use the magnifying glass to search for specific users, using the edit button you can then choose to add or revoke a role.

Managing user access

  • Parents and students -
    • If you would like to manage what parents and students can / can't do then you can do so from app.squadintouch > 'Console' > 'Moderation this will enable you to have a say on;
      • Adding photos to fixtures
      • Adding comments to fixtures
      • Sending availability reports
    • Please let Squad in touch know your preferences on the following;
      • If you would prefer students to have the ability to reply to club booking forms - it is automatically set so parents respond
      • If you are happy for parents to have the ability to view performance ratings of students within fixtures
  • Staff members -
    • You can link teachers and coaches to specific sports so that they can only see information surrounding those sport types.
      • If you would like coaches and / or teachers to only see fixtures and events they are linked to then let Squad in Touch know.